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Ordine e pagamenti

Come scegliere un evento sul sito?
There is the line placed on the site’s main page for selecting events by category. A little bit below placed the line for finding events based on the specified parameters. You can also sort events by the parameter of interest: city, popular, new, etc.
Come ordinare i biglietti online?
Click the "Buy Ticket" in the list of sessions on the event page then you will be redirected to the page with the scheme of the hall with the prices and choice of places.

Mark the places of interest. The list of selected tickets is displayed to the right of the scheme. You have 10 minutes to pay for the selected places.

After clicking the "Pay" button you will be redirected to the order page, where the data recipient tickets must specified (name, passport, phone, email) and select the appropriate payment method.

By clicking the "Submit Order" button you confirm your order and will be redirected to the tickets payment page in a [payment] way that you have chosen.

If the order is not paid within the specified period of time, it will be automatically canceled, and tickets will again be on sale.

Posso prenotare i biglietti telefonicamente?
The process of buying and receiving tickets is fully automated, so we do not use the phone payment service.
Come pagare l'ordine?
Tickets can be paid by any of the convenient ways for you that are included on the site at the time of the order: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, as well as funds from your personal balance.
È sicuro pagare con carta di credito sul sito?

Order payment pages are securely protected, all data entered by you is sent through encrypted channels to the credit company. Only the payment confirmation comes to us.

The data of your card is not stored in our system (except for the last 4 digits, for identification), so the possibility of getting someone by your data is excluded.

Come ottenere i biglietti acquistati?
Right after the payment you will receive digital tickets with QR code on the email you specified in the order.

Your tickets are stored in the section "My orders" (at the top right of the site) as well as the entire history of your orders.

An hour before the beginning of the event, the ticket office and the entrance to the hall are opened. Show your digital tickets with QR code at the entrance to the hall for scanning.

Please keep a passport with the details which you indicated in the order, in case you are asked to present it. This situation is possible to authenticate the purchase.

Modifiche/cancellazioni di ordini

Posso apportare modifiche al mio ordine o annullarlo?

After purchasing your ticket transaction can not be canceled and you can not CHANGE purchased tickets.
Non sono riuscito ad arrivare all'evento. Restituirai i soldi?

Regardless of the reason why you did not get to the event, your tickets are canceled and the money for them is non-refundable.

Cosa succede ai miei biglietti se l'evento viene cancellato?

In case of event cancellation our operators will inform you about this and the money will be refunded in full amount.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Posso avere maggiori informazioni sull'evento telefonicamente?
The website provides the most complete information about the event. You can find full description on the event page such as: dates and times, halls schemes and descriptions, events addresses, the number of available seats and the tickets cost.

The operator on the phone will not be able to provide additional information about the event, since all the available information is present on the event page.

Posso acquistare i biglietti per posti non disponibili sul sito?
All available for purchase tickets can be seen in the hall scheme. If you don’t see any places, it means that we don’t have them.
Ho effettuato l'ordine, ma non ho ricevuto la notifica via e-mail, cosa devo fare?

Once you have paid for the order a notification letter is immediately sent to your email. If the letter does not come, check the "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder. It may also be that you entered the wrong e-mail address.

Also, your tickets are always available in the “My Orders” section.

Come sapere in anticipo i nuovi eventi sul sito?
Every week we make a mailing list with new events. You will receive notifications automatically if you are registered on the site. Unregistered users can subscribe to the mailing list in the Subscribe section.


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